Your AM to PM hangover cure guide

What to do from morning to night for the most efficient hangover cure plan

Everything goes smoothly when you are prepared for whatever life throws at you, and a hangover is no exception. Waking up foggy, achy, and hungry is not the best time for an “I’ll just wing it” attitude. Keep this AM to PM hangover cure guide handy to make your hangover woes bearable the day after.

In the morning…

Hydrate ASAP! Most of your hangover symptoms come from dehydration; so replenish fluids lost as soon as you wake up. And make it count; choose an electrolyte replacement drink like Coconut Electrolit. This hangover drink will give you fast, great-tasting premium hydration. There’s really no point in drinking anything else.

Snack. Keep items in stock that may boost your blood sugar and settle your stomach. For example, candied ginger and saltines are small snacks that your weak and hungover stomach can handle until you’re ready for a larger meal later in the day.

TLC Now is not the time to question if you can wait the pain out. Give your hangover symptoms some TLC. Pounding headache? Take over-the-counter ibuprofen. Upset stomach? Go for some over-the-counter antacid. Thirsty? Drink Strawberry – Kiwi Electrolit to replenish fluids with a great flavor that your taste buds will thank you for.


Move Knowing that alcohol exits your body mainly through your urine and breath, it’s time to get moving! Any activity that will get you to move and breathe a little more heavily can help. If the thought of leaving the house for a quick walk is too daunting, then some sprucing up the house should be enough to get you on your feet.

Eat Staying hydrated and moving around a bit might have gotten you to the point where you can manage a full meal. If so, think of broth-based soups to get added fluids. Eggs can also help break down the alcohol in your system. An omelet for lunch perhaps?

At night…

Rehydrate Give your thirsty, fluid-deprived hungover body one last quench with an electrolyte water.

Go to bed Now that you’ve gotten most of the alcohol out of your system, you can sleep off the rest. There’s no science here, just common sense. Go to bed so your body can do the rest of the work while you sleep.

Plan for the unexpected, stock-up on the best electrolyte water today!

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