What helps a hangover: your 9 to 5 survival guide at work

We’ll tell you what helps a hangover for the perfect incognito recovery mode at the office

No matter how much you partied the night before, you don’t want to spend your workday being told how puffy your eyes are and how tired you seem. Yes, you may feel like a wreck but you don’t have to look like one. Read on to find out what helps a hangover so you can get it together at work without giving yourself away. You can bet no one will know what happened last night.

Wash the party away (literally)

Do as much of the prep work at home before you leave and take your time. Tackle puffy skin, red eyes, and extreme thirst with electrolyte water as soon as you wake up. Brush your teeth extra carefully, take a long shower, and slap on all the skin creams you can find. Don’t forget eye drops to get rid of the red, that’s a dead giveaway.

Pack a survival kit

Fill a water bottle with a cold Orange Mandarin Electrolit to keep energy up. Grab small salty snacks to help with rehydration like saltines, or pretzels. Fill a small pillbox with over-the-counter ibuprofen for that pounding headache that’s on its way. Anything that you know will make you feel better, take it.

Go into stealth mode

Your do’s and don’ts for the day are: don’t be late or you’ll raise suspicion. Don’t brag about the night before or you’ll start office gossip. Do act normal even if you don’t feel normal. Do push things to a later time if possible.

Lunch & Nap

Your car never looked so cozy. Find a place where you can quietly take a light and quick lunch, and use the rest of the time to nap. Soups can help with keeping you hydrated and let’s face it, they always make you feel better. Set the alarm on your phone and rest your eyes for a quick nap. When it’s time to get back to the office, splash some water on your face to fully wake up.

Walk it off

Getting your heart rate up a bit may help you breathe better and eliminate the alcohol faster. Take a few breaks here and there for brief and brisk walks. Plus, fresh air is good for everyone. It can help if you’re feeling extra queasy. A few deep breaths before going back in the office and you’re good to go.

Fake it till you make it

Yes, it’s tough, but hang in there and rely on these tips. Sometimes all you need to pull through is to know that this is temporary, and you will soon be home.

For the best way to survive a hangover at the office or wherever your are, buy Electrolit today.

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