The key to hangover prevention? Knowing ‘why’

Hangover prevention is possible when you know why they happen and how to minimize them

There is no better time to question a hangover than when you’re going through one. “Why tho?” is a recurring question during the hours of pounding headaches and withdrawal shivers. This is where we get right down nerdy and talk to you about the science behind a hangover and quick fixes for hangover prevention. Don’t worry, we’ll keep the nerdy part light.

Why so many trips to the loo?

Excessive urination leading to dehydration
Here is why… Alcohol switches off the body’s natural signal that keeps your kidneys from making too much urine. So, your bladder fills up faster than with non-alcoholic drinks making you take endless trips to the bathroom. In turn, excessive urine causes dehydration leaving you thirstier than ever the morning after. The fix: fill up on the perfect hangover drink Orange Mandarin Electrolit to rehydrate fast.

Why the pounding headache?

Blood vessel expansion
Here is why… Drinking alcohol causes the blood vessels in your skin to dilate. Conclusion: blood vessel expansion not only gives you a massive headache but a red face to go along with it. The fix: weave in glasses of water to help you drink less.

Why the shakes?

Low blood sugar when alcohol levels are at or near zero
Here is why… Feeling shaky is a common hangover symptom. This happens because you kept your liver busy processing alcohol and it didn’t have time to release enough sugar into your blood, making you weak and shaky. The fix: bring sugar levels up while you hydrate at the same time with electrolyte recovery drinks.

Why the queasiness?

Irritated stomach lining
Here is why… Alcohol irritates the stomach lining. After a night of drinking, your stomach’s instinct is to want to get rid of the acid producing alcohol, making you nauseous and possibly throw-up. The fix: eat before and while drinking, as alcohol is absorbed slower when your stomach is full.

Now you almost know it all. Here’s one last fix from the hangover prevention police: buy an Electrolit drink today!

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