Music festival season? Hydration drinks CHECK, 4 more things to go

Discover which are the number one hydration drinks you must take with you along with 4 other essentials for your music festival adventure

So music festival season is around the corner, but you have no clue what to pack? Don’t worry, we gotchu. After a few festival mishaps, let me tell you, you learn a thing or two about a little thing called “music festival essentials”. We put together a list, from the best hydration drinks to keep you going to a battery pack to make sure you snap those Instagram-worthy pics.

1. Every drop counts

Hours and hours of dancing your heart out under the sun will take a toll on your body, so remember to keep it hydrated, but we’re not talking water, we’re talking something a little more heavy duty: an electrolyte drink. Stock up on Electrolit (any flavor is and keep ‘em handy, since it’s the best electrolyte drink for dehydration. Seriously, you’ll thank us later.

2. Charge ‘em up

A portable charger is a lifesaver… no literally, your phone battery’s lifesaver! After taking a million OOTD’s and Snapchatting away, your phone will most likely die before sunset. So you have to be ready.

3. Nobody got time for tan

Unless you’re looking for very unfortunate looking tan lines, DO NOT forget your sunscreen. Chances are, there will be hardly any shade, so might as well protect your skin from the harsh rays, oh and, grab a pair of sunglasses while you’re at it.

4. App and coming

Welcome to 2018: where the headphones don’t have a chord and the festivals have an official app. All the set lists, vendor maps and anything else that might need planning and logistics are at the tip of your fingers.

5. Foot-Loose

Footwear is a deal breaker in the music festival world. When deciding on what shoes to take always think: comfort first! No matter how trendy or how stylish, your blisters won’t look cute in them.
These tips will help you avoid any setbacks so you can just focus on having the time of your life.

Get your hands on the best hydration drinks out there and let the music festival season begin!

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