How to stay hydrated during your next barbecue

Discover the best hydration drinks and tips to keep your barbecue game strong

Planning on hosting a fun barbecue? To be a good host sometimes, you have to go the extra mile. Keep your best hydration drinks on hand, your stunna shades out and your grilling tongs ready. With these helpful tips you can be on top of your game and make your barbecue everything your guests hope for!

Hydration is Key

One of the most important things to keep in mind while on grill duty is to stay hydrated, especially during hot afternoons, as it is easy to lose those vital minerals. And while water can definitely be a lifesaver, you may want to step up your hydration game and keep electrolyte drinks on hand, like Lime Lemon Electrolit that not only gets the hydration job done, but also tastes great (especially next to a juicy burger with extra cheese).

Don’t sweat it

When setting up your grill station; a little shade goes a long way. Consider cooking under a tree or even a beach umbrella. Blocking the direct sunlight from beaming down on you allows your body to cool down and prevent overheating. It’s also important to take a little break from the grill now and then, take out your best electrolyte drink for dehydration and unwind for a while.

Time to get shady

After standing next to the grill for a long time, chances are, smoke will get eve-ry-where. Avoid smoke blowing into your eyes by sporting your best sunglasses (and looking fresh while you’re at it). Kill three birds with one stone: block the smoke, the sun and the haters.

Cook up a plan

Avoid jumping through hoops the day of the barbecue by planning ahead. Any side prep or marinating that you can do the night before will help you focus on being a great host and not having to look like a sweaty mess from running all over the place.

Follow these useful tips the next time you’re on grill duty and don’t be surprised if you become everybody’s designated griller.

So what are you waiting for? Buy the best hydration drinks and get grillin’.

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