5 rules behind drinking on how to avoid a hangover

From how to hydrate the right way to what to eat and drink, learn how to avoid a hangover

Before the party gets going, before glasses begin to rise and shots start making the rounds, read this! Why? Because at this point the last thing on your mind is how to avoid a hangover, and it’s much better to be safe than hungover. Learn the five rules behind drinking that will eliminate your hangover (or at least make it more bearable), abide by them and you will not be sorry.

1. Hydrate like a boss

There’s hydrating and then there’s HYDRATING. One of the biggest causes of hangover symptoms is dehydration from the alcohol. Water will help some, but only drinking electrolyte water like Coconut Electrolit before going to bed will prevent you from paying the excruciating price the morning after.

2. Eat already

The trick is to eat before you drink. This will help your body absorb the alcohol more slowly, making you less drunk – and less hungover the next day. Eating anything will help, but greasy foods like pizza may do the best job at blocking alcohol absorption.

3. Order the “rock”-stars

Ordering drinks like vodka or gin on the rocks has its perks. Clear colored alcohol has less of those hangover-causing congeners than dark colored drinks like whisky and brandy. Plus, drinks on the rocks are drinks that you can take your time with. As the ice melts and dilutes the alcohol you tend to pace yourself more in between drinks.

4. Nix the bubbly

The sparkling bubbles may be fun and all, but they can walk you straight into a massive hangover. Carbonated drinks could make you absorb the alcohol faster, getting you drunker than with other non-bubblies.

5. Switch up the lineup

Alternating cocktails with water will not only help keep you hydrated but to take it slow. You can pace yourself more when you switch between alcohol and nonalcoholic drinks and more importantly you won’t wake up feeling like a wreck.

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