Hangover prevention: 5 knockout drinks to avoid

Learn what drinks to steer clear from and why for some serious hangover prevention

Some hangovers are more epic than others, and epicness in a hangover is something you do not want to repeat. The type of drink you had the night before plays a big part in your massive hangover. A whisky sour could knock you out the next day while a white wine might not. Read on for some hangover prevention 101. Learn which drinks to avoid so you’ll know what to order the next time you go out. You are welcome!

1. Dark liquor, only for the brave

The darker the liquor like bourbon, brandy, and whisky, the stronger the hangover. Why? Because dark liquor has higher levels of congeners (chemicals that result from the fermenting process) and these are known to be directly related to the severity of your hangover the next day. Clear liquor, like vodka, has lower congener levels.

2. Energy drinks + alcohol = bad combo

While having your cocktails mixed with an energy drink might keep you going all night long, you’ll be dealing with a double knockout the next day. Both the sugar and the caffeine will give you a one-two punch because you tend to drink more alcohol with an energy drink. So, if you’re feeling the after effects the next day, remember it’s best to have natural energy drinks like Strawberry Kiwi Electrolit to rehydrate and get your energy back for immediate recovery.

3. Sweet cocktails, don’t let them fool you

Yes, Mai Tais taste amazing, even better when topped with a tropical umbrella, but they will be the culprit of a massive hangover the next day. Sugary mixers affect gastric emptying and speed up alcohol absorption rates. Basically, you get drunker faster. If you are having them anyway, at least alternate sugary drinks with water to slow it down.

4. Red wine, keep it bottled up

If your trying to avoid a hangover, red wine delivers a two-blow combination. Like other dark liquors, red wine has high levels of congeners, the chemicals responsible for severe hangovers. Red wine also contains tannins that can trigger headaches in some people. If you decide that you can’t part ways with red wine, having your fridge stocked with electrolyte drinks will come in handy the next morning for fast recovery.

5. Champagne, save it for… never

Ooh lá lá with this one… One of its most festive features could be your worst enemy, the bubbles! Carbonated drinks cause you to absorb the alcohol into your bloodstream faster. You might want to think twice before you give endless toasts with bubbly, maybe stick with something non-carbonated instead.

If it’s too late for hangover prevention, don’t sweat it, just buy Electrolit!

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