Hangover cure: eats & drinks for tasty relief

A guide on what to eat and drink after a night of fun for an effective hangover cure

The morning after a night out drinking your sugar levels are low, your stomach is weak, and your body is dehydrated. With hangover symptoms in full swing, don’t add to your pain with boring hangover cures. This guide will help you seize the day with tasty drinks, snacks, and meals so you can give your body the nourishing TLC it’s screaming for.


Hangover thirst is the worst. You need to rehydrate your body fast but forget traditional tomato juice and water. Electrolyte water is the new ‘It’ drink for hangovers.

Coconut Electrolit: This hangover drink will hook you up with all the electrolytes you lost while partying the night before. It will also give you an extra shot of energy to get your body up and running again. Cheers!


Getting through a full meal on a weak stomach is rough. If you’re feeling queasy try small snacks that pack a lot of benefits to ease your hangover pains.

Candied ginger: Ginger is known to settle an upset stomach and has the added benefit of helping with body aches. And yes, fresh ginger works too but, who has time for that? Candied ginger is delicious and stores great in the fridge, so you can have it on demand.

Yogurt & bananas: First, the cold yogurt will feel great on your tongue and second, bananas, yum! Yogurt is packed with probiotics to help your achy gut. Bananas pack potassium, calcium and magnesium to ease muscle cramps.


Don’t get hungry when you’re already hungover. When you’re ready to eat a full meal, make it count by having one that will satisfy you and help you get through your hangover faster.

Omelet & Avocado: Eggs have cysteine that can help break down the alcohol in your body, meaning you’ll speed up your hangover process. And, omelets are so versatile that you can make them with any ingredient you already love, and they’ll taste great! Have it with a side of avo, this potassium powerhouse can help your achy muscles.

Chicken Noodle Soup: Not just for colds, chicken noodle soup is packed with electrolytes that can help you rehydrate. The benefits are mainly in the broth so make sure you slurp every bit of it and feel the warm relief seep in.

For the best all-around hangover remedy, buy Electrolit today!

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