Hangover cure: 5 myth-busting truths

Will the real hangover cures please stand up

Last night you were the life of the party, today you may feel like you barely have any life left. Rushing through your mind are some popular hangover cures, but let’s be real, most of them are myths. Here’s the truth on five common hangover cures and how to actually find relief.

1. Hair of the dog

Myth: Having one more alcoholic drink in the morning is what your body needs to not feel withdrawals.
Myth-buster: Another drink in the morning will only postpone your hangover, not cure it. Because alcohol causes dehydration, you need to replenish fluids lost. Electrolyte replacement beverages like Strawberry-Kiwi Electrolit treat dehydration and taste great, especially when served right out of the fridge, so keep some handy.

2. Carb-a-palooza

Myth: Loading up on carbs like bread and pasta the day after will help absorb the alcohol and cure your hangover faster.
Myth-buster: Eating starchy foods after having drinks will not help absorb the alcohol you put in earlier. In fact, nothing you eat after consuming alcohol will help “absorb” it. The key is to eat before you drink and eating fatty foods is best. Eating greasy foods like steak and pizza before you drink block the absorption of alcohol longer than than carbs.

3. Catching some Z’s

Myth: Sleeping off a hangover is the best hangover cure.
Myth-buster: While all you might want to do is hug a pillow for an entire day, your hangover will go away faster once the alcohol exits your body in one of two ways: through urine and/or through your breath. So, drink lots of Electrolit and take a walk around the block.

4. A cup of joe

Myth: Having a strong cup of coffee the next day is what helps a hangover
Myth-buster: Coffee can make your hangover even worse by narrowing the blood vessels in your body and giving you an upset stomach from its high acidity levels. The best hangover cure is to drink an electrolyte supplement drink to replenish lost fluids fast.

5. Take two and call me in the morning

Myth: Taking ibuprofen before bed will help you wake up hangover-free.
Myth-buster: The effects of over the counter ibuprofen wear off after about four hours. They won’t last long enough for when you wake up. It’s best to take ibuprofen after waking up to truly benefit from it’s effects.

Stop the myths! Buy a real hangover cure drink now.

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