Are hangover remedies failing you in your 30’s vs 20s?

Discover why your go-to hangover remedies don’t seem to work that well anymore

After you hit the 30 year-old mark, you suddenly realize it takes so much more effort to recover from a hangover. Your usual hangover remedies don’t seem as effective as before. Can you blame it on the alcohol? One thing’s for sure, the alcohol in your margarita hasn’t changed, but your body and lifestyle have. These three things below could be part of the reason why you feel it takes longer to get over a hangover in your 30s than when in your 20s.

1. Your body is thirsty

Yep, with every passing year your body conserves less and less water. This means that a night of drinks will dehydrate you even more as you age than when you were younger. It could also be the reason you’re constantly thirsty no matter what. Replenish lost fluids fast the morning after with the best electrolyte replacement drink out there to prevent dehydration: an ice cold Strawberry Kiwi Electrolit.

2. A downgrade in your defenses

Because the fountain of youth is yet to be found, our immune systems will in effect deteriorate over time. It’s all part of the natural aging process. A weaker immune system could make it tougher for your body to handle common hangover symptoms. No worries though, your go-to hangover remedies will work, they’ll just take longer, so hang tight.

3. The muscle vs fat theory

Typically as you age your body loses muscle mass and stores more fat, and this could affect the way your body absorbs alcohol. The theory goes: the more muscle mass the less alcohol goes directly into your bloodstream. On the flip side, the more fat you have stored the more alcohol goes straight into your bloodstream, getting you drunker faster. So, the same exact drink could make you more intoxicated in your 30s than in your 20s, leaving you with a massive hangover the next day when in your younger years you wouldn’t probably have had one.

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