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Beach Guide: the best hydration drinks and must haves to sunbathe like a boss

We give you the right drinks for dehydration, sunburn relief and everything you need to know to have the time of your life After a day at the beach, have you ever felt dry, sticky and icky? Well, you’re not the only one. Spending too much time at the beach can have hazardous effects on […]

What helps a hangover: your 9 to 5 survival guide at work

We’ll tell you what helps a hangover for the perfect incognito recovery mode at the office No matter how much you partied the night before, you don’t want to spend your workday being told how puffy your eyes are and how tired you seem. Yes, you may feel like a wreck but you don’t have […]

5 rules behind drinking on how to avoid a hangover

From how to hydrate the right way to what to eat and drink, learn how to avoid a hangover Before the party gets going, before glasses begin to rise and shots start making the rounds, read this! Why? Because at this point the last thing on your mind is how to avoid a hangover, and […]

Hot Tips: Hydration drinks, SPF and everything you need to survive a day’s work under the sun

This guide will help you know what to eat, what to drink and how to handle the heat when working outdoors While some people enjoy having fun in the sun, whenever we reach higher temperatures, it’s much safer to stay cool inside. However, others have no choice but to work under the burning hot sun. […]

Music festival season? Hydration drinks CHECK, 4 more things to go

Discover which are the number one hydration drinks you must take with you along with 4 other essentials for your music festival adventure So music festival season is around the corner, but you have no clue what to pack? Don’t worry, we gotchu. After a few festival mishaps, let me tell you, you learn a […]

How electrolyte water can jump-start your body post hangover

Learn how electrolyte water gets the job done with Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium & Calcium Of all the hangover remedies out there, only one can truly help: electrolyte water. You see, while you were happily downing cocktails the night before, your body began to lose electrolytes making you dehydrated. Now cramps, shakes, and an insane thirst […]

Hangover cure: eats & drinks for tasty relief

A guide on what to eat and drink after a night of fun for an effective hangover cure The morning after a night out drinking your sugar levels are low, your stomach is weak, and your body is dehydrated. With hangover symptoms in full swing, don’t add to your pain with boring hangover cures. This […]

How to stay hydrated during your next barbecue

Discover the best hydration drinks and tips to keep your barbecue game strong Planning on hosting a fun barbecue? To be a good host sometimes, you have to go the extra mile. Keep your best hydration drinks on hand, your stunna shades out and your grilling tongs ready. With these helpful tips you can be […]

Are hangover remedies failing you in your 30’s vs 20s?

Discover why your go-to hangover remedies don’t seem to work that well anymore After you hit the 30 year-old mark, you suddenly realize it takes so much more effort to recover from a hangover. Your usual hangover remedies don’t seem as effective as before. Can you blame it on the alcohol? One thing’s for sure, […]

Your AM to PM hangover cure guide

What to do from morning to night for the most efficient hangover cure plan Everything goes smoothly when you are prepared for whatever life throws at you, and a hangover is no exception. Waking up foggy, achy, and hungry is not the best time for an “I’ll just wing it” attitude. Keep this AM to […]