Electrolit is a mexican product manufactured by Grupo Pisa, the leading pharmaceutical Company in Latin America, with more than 70 years in the market.

Produced with pharmaceutical quality grade in the most innovative manufacturing facility, with a fully automated and integrated manufacturing process.


Electrolit was first launched in 1950 as a solution for children dehydration.

Its sustained effort , unique formula, great taste and variety of flavors has positioned the product as the preferred Premium hydration beverage between children and adults.

Electrolit has become for decades the leading product of the Company, selling in 2016 200 million bottles, 2 bottles per mexican.

Due to the success of the product in Mexico, in 2014 Grupo Pisa decided to create CAB Enterprises Inc, the exclusive distributor for Electrolit in the United States and responsable for positioning the Brand as the best Premium Hydration Beverage in the country.



The perfect beverage to recover after exposure to intense heat or work


The ideal Premium beverage that provides fast recovery from a night of party


The best option to recover after exercise and give a shot of energy before starting your training improving performance

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